About Us


Established in January 2017. CreativePresse.com is an online marketplace, originally created to fit client specific needs. Once established, our offerings and services continued to expand quickly becoming a one-stop shop for all creative marketing and printing needs.

CreativePresse.com’s owner, Phyliss Todd, has been in sales, marketing and operations for over 25 years. During her corporate tenure, customers were frustrated that they weren’t able to find a reliable newsletter service that offered a full-service option where the content was already created, the paper colors varied monthly, provided free customization, offered monthly coupon options, and mailed on their behalf…all at a great price. We’ve accomplished all of that and more.

We believe in no surprise pricing, exceptional customer service and helping you achieve your goals. Bulk prices vary by supplier and quantities. We always offer a Free No Hassle No Obligation written estimate giving you the opportunity of making decisions that fit your specific needs and budget.

Meet the Business Owner

Phyliss Todd, Owner of CreativePresse.com

Marketing your services has become harder with the world of technology. Some believe social media and instant emailing is the wave of the future. To some extent, that is true. Social media is a great way to get your name recognized. However, current statistics show much different results regarding email marketing.

With so many businesses vying for attention through email services these days, potential customers are deleting emails before reading them. Think of it this way. On a daily basis, I personally receive over 1,000 emails from various friends, family, social media updates, suppliers and businesses. How many do you think I read? On average, 5-10. Who has time to look at them all? I sure don’t! That means over 990-995 were deleted before I read them and that company’s Return on Investment quickly diminished.

Now on the other hand statistics show when someone receives a printed mail piece, they have an instant reaction because they can touch it, hold it, and keep it for future use. That’s a huge difference from social media.

I’ve been in every organization facet from Receptionist, Mailroom, Executive Assistant, Accounting, Office Manager, Operations Manager and VP of Sales and I know how each area is vital to the company. My goal is to bring my experience and diverse talents together to help your company succeed and continue to grow! It’s like having an extended marketing department at your fingertips.

To me, every client is important and is treated with the utmost respect. You work hard building your business and should be treated as such. I take personal interest in you as an individual client because you were never meant to be just a number or an order. I’ve never met anyone that runs a cookie cutter business or fits into a one size fits all type of box. Instead of using robots or automatic ordering systems, I prefer to build long-lasting personalized relationships with each of you to deliver exactly what you need, when you need it and how you need it!  That’s how much YOU matter to me!

CreativePresse.com was established to help you design, create, mail direct to your customers or bulk ship to your offices while allowing you full customization to fit your specific needs and industry.  CreativePresse.com is here for YOU!